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How to take care of your Tacante saddle pad

Tacante gives you its recipes to keep your saddle pad clean
How to take care of your Tacante saddle pad

Designed as an eco-friendly product, Tacante easy-care saddle pad is meant to last. The Coolmax textile which is not abrasive retains very limited amount of horsehair. Thanks to the flexibility of the fabrics it is possible to load several saddle clothes at the same time in your washing machine.

Tacante saddle pad is machine-washable on a 30°C synthetics programme with a spin speed of up to 1400rpm using a soft non-toxic and biodegradable fabric detergent, certified with a European eco-label preferably, and no fabric softener.

As it is breathable the saddle pad dries quickly in the open air.

Do not tumble-dry your Tacante saddle pad as you will burn the fibers.


Shake, brush, remove stains…. Tacante illustrates how to prolong the lifespan of your Tacante saddle pad.

  1. Note: You have used your Tacante saddle pad several times, it is time to clean it in order to optimise its breathability and the comfort of your horse.
  2. Get ready: You will need: A rubber brush, a household soap (Savon de Marseille), a soft non-toxic biodegradable fabric detergent certified by a European eco-label.
  3. Shake: To start with, you will need to shake firmly your Tacante saddle pad outdoors to remove a maximum of horsehair and dust.
  4. Brush: Using a rubber brush with soft bristles remove the remaining horsehair. Beware, a hard brush or dandy brush will damage the fibres of your Tacante saddle pad.
  5. Scrub: Scrub the stains with a damp household soap (Savon de Marseille). For greasy stains don’t wet the fabric as they will become embedded.
  6. Wash: Finally, load your Tacante saddle pad in the washing machine as per the instructions above. You can even mix colours!
  7. Dry: And here is your Tacante saddle pad as new and nearly dry. Hang on a line in the open air to dry.

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