CSR Engagement retrospective

As nature is horse-riders’ playground Tacante made a choice to be a responsible and eco-friendly brand and to protect this fragile eco-system. From the inception of the company with the support and experience of experts – Ademe, Agence AIR, Envolea – we put in place a comprehensive programme around eco-design.

What are the results of this commitment 5 years later?

Have we met our objectives: high performance and sustainable products for responsible riders?

Our products longevity is now a given! They last longer and they can easily be mended! Here is a living proof:

This saddle-pad is 5 years old; it has just had a small reconstructive surgery after being used by a professional eventing rider without moderation for more than 3,000 hours! And here we go again for a few more years of intense horse riding!

A good waste is a non existing waste!

Our products don’t travel for thousands of km before they reach our customers! Ex: a Tacante saddle pad will have travelled a distance of 180km when it arrives in our premises whereas a saddle pad Made in China will have travelled 9,600km!

To opt for a local production translates into less transport, less storage space and consequently less greenhouse gas emissions which are responsible for global warming. Geographic proximity also helps to be transparent about our supply-chain ensuring that our products are made in a clean and responsible way and that our suppliers and contractors abide by strict norms and regulations.

Thanks to a lot of R&D work and efforts with our expert-partners we managed to find more eco-friendly textiles and adopt production processes limiting waste drastically.

To name but a few examples:

The environmental footprint of the recycled polyester thread used in our saddle pads is much lower compared to virgin polyester fibres made directly from oil:

– 60% energy saved

-32% less carbon emissions

-94% water saved

Since 2015 12 plastic bottles per saddle cloth and  3 per ear-net didn’t end their lives in the sea to feed the 7th “waste continent”, nor in a rubbish tip but in the recycled NEWLIFE™ thread used to manufacture the outer fabric of Tacante saddlepads and INFI-KNIT ear-nets!

The lavalan® wool wadding to be found in the HYGGE jacket and the LAGOM sleeveless winter jacket is biodegradable, animal friendly; it can be traced from its origin up to the inner layer of Tacante HYGGE and LAGOM jackets!

The production scraps of the HYGGE jacket lining are reused to manufacture LAGOM sleeveless winter jackets: this is what upcycling means. No more polluting waste!

Thanks to 3D knitting we managed to limit waste as much as possible to manufacture Tacante wraps since there is no production scraps. With regard to storage this new process represents also a great benefit since it easily caters for small production volumes.

Taking good care of your equipment is also key to being eco-friendly. ALL Tacante products – from the saddle-pad to the INFI-KNIT wraps, but also the HYGGE jacket and the LAGOM sleeveless winter jacket – are machine washable and dry in open air! No more dry-cleaning chemicals nor tumble-dryers’ kW. And as a bonus we share in our tutorials our granny tips to get rid of annoying stubborn stains.

At Tacante we are proud to see how fare we have come and proud to have overcome obstacles which initially looked like impassable mountain peaks. But we wouldn’t have achieved so much and done so well on our own! When it comes to social and environmental responsibilities the individual is nothing without the group so our success is a collective success and we thank all who work alongside us and put their trust in Tacante: customers and ambassadors, our team, Tacante institutional and private partners, suppliers and contractors! You are part of Tacante family!

And this is just the beginning! So be sure to tune in to Tacante programme for more amazing things in 2020!


By Delphine

Le développement durable c'est mon dada et je suis heureuse de partager avec vous mes inspirations éco-responsables pour faire de l'équitation un sport plus respectueux de l'environnement !

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