My name is Belle. I am a small mare, the result of an unusual mix: my mum is a Welsh-Connemara poney and my dad a KWPN horse! The service was originally bought for a Selle Français mare but fate intervened. No-one really knew what the outcome of this mix would be…, and here I am: a dynamic filly who moves rather well.. and who’s only 1.54m high! But as the saying goes: tiny things are cute! No exemption for my height, so like everyone else at home I started training with some jumping, a few competitions, some eventing… But I am at my best on carriage driving trials!
Tacante meets the aptly named Belle for the November edition of its equine encounters. With its unusual coat, this elegant mare shines on carriage driving tracks!
Where does your name come from?
It is the story of a fairytale! My sister is called Alice in Aury Land…She was sold shortly after she was born, her new owners named her so. When I was born, my breeders carried on with the same theme, so here I am: Belle of the Aury Wood! I find it suits me rather well, I am a bit of a princess!
Do you prefer to work with a male or female rider? Why?
Mounted or hitched by male or female riders, I don’t mind! As long as they don’t pull on my mouth and they remain discreet on my back!
Where do you live?
I live in the Aury stables in Essonne where I was born. There are 40 of us on site, all of us pleasantly housed in lovely boxes in a barn with an outdoor view. I have direct access to the covered arena, my feet don’t even get wet in winter. A proper princess privilege in a way! We are all allowed in the paddock which is vast, I love it… at least when there’s grass in it! And as I can be rather cheeky, I go there as often as possible.
What do you like most about your stable mates?
Hmm!…… I can’t stand my stable mates… They are not even allowed to look at me. And if they do I go in a tantrum, I kick in all directions, front and back. Well, I am not to be bothered!!! Einstein a dressage horse is the only horse who’s allowed to talk to me. We have deep conversations ; have you heard of E=MC²?
What is your guilty pleasure?
I don’t have a sweet tooth nor am I overly fond of cuddles and co… What I particularly love is my paddock and work!!! Don’t look surprised, I love working. I could spend hours working.
What is your favourite colour?
I am already quite colourful, so I try to remain soft on colours…TheBlack only suits me perfectly!!
Which dream would you like to come true in your life?
As I am addicted to work I love getting into the lorry to attend competitions. So my dream is to carry on as long as possible!
What is your favourite discipline?
I thoroughly enjoyed my first eventing season. I like all three disciplines. However what I like the most is to be hitched! I have competed in the SHF Young Horses category and the international Young Horse circuit, where I even won!!!
What makes you feel the happiest?
Trottings as I decide on the pace i.e always fast! I am fearless when I trot whereas in the arena I can be quite cheeky…
What do you dislike most in the world?
To be pulled on the mouth or to be asked to do things I don’t understand. What an idea! And, that my stable mates come a little too close to my box too.
Which natural gift would you like to have?
To galop tirelessly with my mane blowing in the wind like a princess.
What has been your best memory?
When I entered my first international competition. It was a Young Horse carriage driving event taking place in Saumur. It was amazing! There was also a Nations Cup CAI*** . I saw wonderful things.
Which frame of mind are you in at the moment?
I learnt a lot of new things this season. Next season we should concentrate more on work.
Do you have a life motto you would like to share with us?
Always faster!
How can we keep up to date with your news?
On the Facebook page of Écuries d’Aury, where you can also find news on competitions and breeding.

By Morgane

Je suis la fondatrice de Tacante.

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