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♻️ The European Sustainable Development Week is a European-wide initiative to stimulate and make visible activities, projects and events that promote sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It takes place every year from 30 May until 5 June. The European Sustainable Development Week (ESDW) is an initiative to facilitate the organization of activities that promote sustainable development and make these efforts visible on a common platform. The recently adopted global 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) articulates key issues that call for urgent action at all levels and by all stakeholders. The ESDW contributes to this ambitious, universal and transformative agenda by promoting the organization of bottom-up activities that have a thematic link to and support the SDGs. As such, the ESDW aims at raising awareness for the 2030 Agenda in Europe and calls upon local stakeholders to actively engage with sustainable development, in general, and the SDGs, in particular.
Tacante, the Pôle international du Cheval de Deauville and Happy Crackers have gathered and submited their project to the ESDW 2017 to raise awareness of the issue of plastic waste within the equestrian community. Used plastic bottles are recycled by a waste sorting centre and then transformed into Newlife recycled thread by Sinterama. Coming full circle, Tacante use this thread to create eco-friendly and technologically innovative saddle pads.


Tacante is committed to achieve 7 out of the 17 2017-European-Sustainable- Development Week


Goal #5: Gender equality Horse riding is one of the few sports where men and women compete with each other! And in the Olympic Games too! Women, men, mares, geldings and stallions of all ages take part in the competition!

Goal #9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure Tacante explored intelligent textiles developed for the outdoor activities and adapted the findings to horse riding. The saddle pad was designed to help the saddle sit in the right position on the horse’s back behind the withers thanks to a new patented girth slot system!

Goal #12: Responsible consumption and production Tacante saddle pads and Ereenn bags fall within the circular economy principles: recycled, recyclable, innovative, efficient and sustainable French products for responsible riders!
Our suppliers and manufacturers are European — French mainly, British and Italian. Not only do the Tacante saddle pads make you feel « greener » but they will also make your life easier as they are flexible and light so very easy to store and transport. They’re also water-repellent and evacuate moisture very fast — from washing and sweat!

Goals #13-14- 15: Climate action, Life below water, Life on land Tacante is an innovative but responsible brand! Sustainable development starts from the selection of raw materials up to the end of life of our saddle pads, including their maintenance! To limit our carbon footprint partly due to transport, Tacante saddle pads are made in France and contain a minimum of 30% recycled polyester coming from plastic bottles. Thanks to their properties Tacante saddle pads are easier and cheaper to maintain: they are washable at low temperature and dry quickly in the open air hence granting energy and water savings!

Goal #17: Partnerships for the goals At Tacante our company values, the design of new products, or the way we build partnerships are driven by human relationships which are the heart of our activity. Trusting our partners and suppliers for their environmental commitment is part of the Tacante Spirit. All of us at Tacante would like to thank AIR, ADEME, NEWLIFE as well as, the Pôle International du Cheval de Deauville and Happy Crackers with regard to the 2017-European- Sustainable-Development Week, for their support in helping us achieve these sustainable development goals. And let’s not forget the Tacante team who plays a valuable role in our brand’s development: our photographers Hélène Chancerelle, Pauline Chevalier, Equestrian News, Hélène Delavallade, R&B Presse, Mélanie Fritel, Franck Zaganelli, Marie Oriol, our eventing riders: Raphaël Cochet, Éléonore Musa, Alexis Lemaire and Maxime Debost, our jumping team: Titouan Schumacher, Izia Le Goff, Camille Brunet, Jerome Hurel, Cédric Angot via Horse Feed and the Vitelle Stables, our dressage partners: Catherine Henriquet, Wiedeke et Odile Van Doorn and finally our poney team: Jade Fleur Calaque, Yonna Chapelan, Romane Taponnot, Alexia Bouyer, Manon Desjardins, Camille Terrasse, Carla Cordon and Mathilde Messaoud; and to anyone we may have forgotten, many thanks!


Inès Khatib

By Inès Khatib

Passionnée d'équitation depuis ma plus tendre enfance et cavalière depuis l'âge de 7 ans, j'ai la chance aujourd'hui de faire partie de l'équipe Tacante.

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