Ferrari the strongest brand in the world

Brand Finance awards Ferrari second successive year

Once again this year, Ferrari is the strongest brand in the world. That is the finding of Brand Finance, the British company, a leader in brand valutation, which published on February 18th, its annual Global 500 report.
 Calculated on the basis of criteria such as financial revenue, but also elements such as fame, customer loyalty and human resources quality, the classification saw the Prancing Horse brand take the prize ahead of international giants such as Coca-Cola, Google, Hermes and Disney.

Ferrari symbol is nothing more than a black prancing horse on a yellow background. What are the logo origins?

On 17 June 1923, Enzo Ferrari won a race at the Savio track in  Ravenna  where he met the Countess Paolina, mother of Count  Francesco Baracca, an ace of the Italian Air Force and national hero of  World War I, who used to paint a horse on the side of his planes. The Countess asked Enzo to use this horse on his cars, suggesting that it would bring him good luck. He added a canary yellow background,colour of Modena city, his birthplace.

Energy, speed, power, elegance

These 4 words contribute directly to the Ferrari legend! They also characterize the Italian aviation during world war I, that offers Ferrari its strongest symbol!

It seems that this logo is also closely linked to the Porsche one.

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