Ginsengue JO/JEM

My name is Ginsengue. I am a 10-year-old German-Dutch crossbred mare and I was born in France. Last November I joined the “Olympic Games/World Equestrian Games” French group in the hope of getting selected for the Rio Olympic Games! My rider Nicole Favereau says that I am very talented for dressage and that I don’t really have any weak point… I am a force of nature with a strong appetite, you can even say that I am a big food lover! However, I am slightly chicken-livered. I sometimes find it more difficult to walk up to the warm-up arena than to perform at the Grand Prix classes. In the arena, I am always very conscientious and determined. I like to do well! I need to familiarise myself with my environment to give my best. After all, I am a princess and I have to be spoken to politely!
This Equine Encounter is dedicated to one of the best French dressage mares. Tacante met with Nicole Favereau and her champion Ginsengue at the International Dressage Competition in Compiègne…
Where does your name come from?
I was meant to be named Sinaï, a name that Nicole really liked. But finally Nina, my breeder’s daughter, decided to name me Ginsengue!
Do you prefer to work with a male or female rider? Why?
I like both! Girls are not as strong so I can take advantage of it! Jean-Marc takes me outdoors which really scares me. But at the same time it is very good for me. I am getting braver…
Where do you live?
I live in Lagorce 60km away from Bordeaux, at the heart of a wine region! My box is spacious, it is located in a stone stable which keeps the warmth during winters and the cool during summers.
What do you like most about your stable mates?
That they leave me alone!!!
What is your guilty pleasure?
Without a doubt: my love of food!
What is your favourite colour?
Orange, the colour of carrots! And I also like Blanc de Blanc, the colour of sugar…
Which dream would you like to come true in your life?
Eat all day long and have babies.
What is your favourite discipline?
Dressage as I am very talented. And I love rounds of applause!
What makes you feel the happiest?
I love to be scratched at the base of the withers for hours on end….
What do you dislike most in the world?
The stick!
Which natural gift would you like to have?
I would love to be able to work effortlessly.
What has been your best memory?
When I was 4 I managed to throw Nicole off my back! It made me laugh!
Which frame of mind are you in at the moment?
The frame of mind of a princess!
Do you have a life motto you would like to share with us?
One has to live to eat not just eat to live!
How can we keep up to date with your news?
On the Ecurie Favereau Facebook page, and the FFE website as I am part of the Olympic/World Equestrian Games French group!

By Morgane

Je suis la fondatrice de Tacante.

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