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Hi everyone!

I am Pirate, a 95cm palomino gelding. I might be the smallest at the stables, but I have the greatest personality by far if we don’t count Mistral. He is in a quite different league altogether. He is the greatest in everything which I find rather annoying!

I was born somewhere in Andalusia, but I can’t remember much from this period. When I was 4 Alizée turned up where I was being kept and not given much food, so I looked at her with puppy eyes. Well, so much so that she ended up falling for me and got me to climb into the lorry without the slightest idea of what she was going to do with me. Since I have found my role. I can say with humility that I am the smile of the stables!!

My favourite discipline is eating!! Grass, sugar cubes, sweets, carrots, even buttocks if they are close enough to give them a good bite. But I also love being free and, since the arrival of Louise, I have been promoted “the little princess official pony” which is a difficult job – can you imagine? I am made to wear pink boots… oh yes, PINK! Who on Earth do they think I am?
Well, I can’t really complain as I think I am one of the most loved and looked after ponies on this planet. When I am being pigheaded you can make sure that Mr Sû is going to throw me one of his disapproving looks in the field. Him and I are inseparable but if I take him too often for a tree on which I scratch myself he loses his patience. As you can tell I never stop for a second which earned me the nickname of “the clown”.
While we are eagerly awaiting to see them again in one of their magical shows, we asked Alizée Froment to interview Pirate her stables’ clown, during lockdown.
Where do you live? Can you describe your stables?
I moved to Haacht in Belgium 10 days ago. After spending a few months in a transition stable, I am now reunited with Alizée at last! It is so nice to be back altogether as we were before. The whole tribe is here.
The stables are cosy and cute but to be honest in the nice weather I don’t see much of Alizée as Sultan and I are mostly living outdoors which suits us fine!
How do you get on with your stable mates?
Mistral is the boss and he only likes himself. Hermès hasn’t noticed yet that I exist. Sultan is my best mate. We live together full time. Ballerina and J’Adore are good friends, and so is Vayan though he is looking strange with the mask he has been wearing for the past few days. Apparently, it protects him against flies, but I think it scares everyone away (but please don’t tell him as he’s already rather upset).
The 5 of us chat and gossip across the fence. But the other 3 sulk in the evenings as they have to go back to the stables to sleep in their stalls whereas Sultan and I have an open stall in our paddock which means we have the choice to sleep under the stars if we want to.
Since lockdown, what has changed in your daily life?
Honestly?! For me, not much. Whereas the girls have loads to do to organise the stables and make them functional, so they have decided to give me a full-time holiday until everything is ready. And that means no more boring lungeing sessions which are supposed to be good for my muscles and my physical condition!
The paddock, the grass, the good life and the big and round belly are all mine!
How do you keep busy?
I graze, I sleep and I scratch myself on Sultan, I graze, I sleep, I go for a little run from time to time to try and keep fit, I graze, I chat with my friends, I give Ornella, Annelien or Alizée a cuddle when they visit to change my blanket, I eat, I drink….
In a nutshell, I currently have an extremely easy pony’s life.
What do you like most about your rider?
Whether we are talking about Louise or Alizée, I’ll go straight to the point: their CARROTS!!! Let’s be clear here! I love them both a lot but what I love the most are the sweets they give me. I even have a tendency to see Louise as a giant carrot sometimes.
What is your worst flaw? What is the worst mischief you got into?
I don’t have any flaw as I am perfect. To prove it everyone wants to steal me.
My biggest mischief is my very particular taste for the buttocks of total strangers!
What is your favourite colour?
Ohhhh certainly not pink! Blast! I would say that white and brown suit me well.
What are you planning to do after this lockdown period?
I guess I am going to work a little harder as a lot of photo and video shootings have been postponed and will start again soon. But I know my routine by heart, and I do it with all my heart so I will easily get back to work without too much effort. I will go back to my 4 lungeing exercises a week to keep my body in shape, stay flexible and feel comfortable with myself so I can charm the cameras (I so love to preen!)
What is your favourite activity?
… To eat?!…
What do you dislike most in the world?
When it rains! Frankly!
Who has invented this cold thing that gets you wet? This is a joke!
And would you believe it? Sometimes I don’t even have a bucket to tilt and climb atop like a Noah’s ark to keep my manicure unspoiled! Monsieur Pirate doesn’t like to get his feet wet, it’s a matter of principle!
What has been your best memory?
Pffft! I have so many of them as we have travelled so much with Mr Sû, Mimi and Alizée. Mind you, I don’t ask for much. I am happy as long as we are together. Since Louise arrived Alizée has less time to spend with me. I sometimes feel a little sad about it but soon the 3 of us are going to do loads together.
For the time being Sultan gets to go on all the rides because I seem to spend quite a bit of time throwing my buttock in the air and act as if I was playing leapfrog. We nonetheless have a good time together and I am sure that soon I will be the little princess’ companion to paint the town red!
QDo you have a life motto you would like to share with us?
“A little goes a long way, some grass, loads of love and friends around”
How can we keep up to date with your news?
You can follow me on Alizée’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. Lately I wasn’t mentioned much but I’ll be back very soon.
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