The 2018 European Sustainable Development Week

This year also, the European Sustainable Development Week is happening from 30 May until 5 June 2018. For the occasion Tacante would like to introduce you to upcycling. But what is upcycling? Creative reuse or turning waste into something that is useful or of value. Stay tuned as all week we will share our upcycling tips and best practices with you!

Wednesday 30 May – The European Sustainable Development Week (ESDW) has started!

Thursday 31 May – More about our strictly upcycled Ereenn bag!
Ereenn was nurtured in La manufacture parisienne an exquisite cocoon in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, where two worlds – the ocean and the equestrian world, two brands – Ceux qui vont sur la mer and Tacante, met and tied the knot! Two universes which though seemingly different actually share common beliefs.
Together the two eco-aware brands designed unique creative yet practical pieces for horse riders using off-cuts from locally produced high quality fabrics. Ereenn materialises those links between Paris and Brittany, creative art and horse riding, nature and man!
Sophie Le Fur, Ceux qui vont sur la mer founder and boss wanted a better and healthier world so she put her creativity to work and founded Ceux qui vont sur la mer with a key goal in mind. Immersed into her maritime environment that she loves so much she firmly stepped into eco-creation. She develops partnerships with textile companies in Brittany to bring added value to the scraps from their workshops: off-cuts from quality products. Sophie thus creates unique pieces and small series with characteristic textures and colours, strictly upcycling!

Friday June 1st : Upcycling is beautiful!

At the occasion of the 2018 ESDW Tacante is sharing some of its eco-friendly firm favourites ❤.
Have you heard of “Les Créations Messagères” of William Amor, an artist who transforms your waste into art? William Amor created « Les Créations Messagères » to share a valuable story – one of social conscience. Creating beauty and art using abandoned waste materials, his artistic signature reveals itself through the metamorphosis of plastic pollution to ornament floral arrangements. These delicate, lifelike tailor-made botanical creations are valuable messengers, used for fashion, design, artistic installations and sceneries filled with poetry.
A true artist enobling common materials, William Amor gave birth to “FLOWERS’ Les Créations Messagères. Floral creations entirely made with transformed plastic materials and their synthetic derivatives. Plastic bags, PVC and packaging are metamorphosed into flower petals when fishing nets, ropes from boats, or brush bristles are turned into stamen and pistils.
Those poetic flowers are meant to carry a strong message aimed at bringing awareness on environmental issues while bearing a social role connecting people. Follow William Amor’s creations on his “Instagram and his website. You can also visit him in his workshop 30 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, Paris 12, France (by appointment).


Saturday 2 June – At Tacante also we “upcycle”!

#TacanteUpcycling is the perfect opportunity to involve you even more in our CSR approach! You can’t wait for us to unveil our upcycled creation: a home-made tote bag to carry numnahs made of disused curtains!

Cut, assemble, sew and here is our giant Tote Bag! But it is not finished yet! It needs a bit of added style ; for that we unstitch off-cuts from our numnahs, we cut triangles and we stitch them on the Tote Bag!

Have a look at our 100% upcycling creation and if you like it we will prepare a tutorial for you to make one!

Sunday 3 June – Cows spotted in the city, place de la République!

From 1 to 5 June the city of Paris is moving to action for the environment! Cows and greenery take over the Republique. For which purpose? To question the place of agriculture and biodiversity within the city. 8 cows are therefore expected place de la Republique on a planted surface of 20,000 m². A multitude of games and animations are organised for kids as well as grown-ups. A food-truck to taste milk, a milking simulator or a giant farm have moved right to the heart of Paris for 5 festive days!
This event’s objective is for the city public to find out about rural economy, life as a farmer, breeding practices, milk transformation, but also to raise awareness on plastic pollution, waste and sustainable common practices in France and elsewhere.

Monday 4 June – Sleeveless jackets strictly upcycled!

As we said, upcycling means creating, innovating, reusing, reinventing. It consists in giving a second life to our waste with creativity.
During the production process for our Hygge winter jackets we are left with some lining fabric due to compulsory minimum orders greater than the amounts we require!

Never mind! We found a way to add value to our surplus stock of fabric thanks to a sleeveless jacket! A light and elegant jacket made from lining and wool padding, strictly upcycled!

We hope you’ll like it!


Salomé Leclerc

By Salomé Leclerc

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