At Tacante we wanted to be innovative and focus on a unique approach for our company values, the design of new products, or the way we build partnerships driven by a key goal: enrich the relationship between Rider and Horse.

We started off by designing a new product: an innovative and sustainable saddle cloth. To be truly innovative we explored the intelligent textiles developed for outdoor activities (trekking, rock climbing, hiking, etc.) and adapted our findings to horse riding.

The outcome?

A saddle cloth different on several key features:

1. Its structure

Its unique structure of intelligent textiles guarantees:
• Optimal moisture wicking
• A good hygiene thanks to an anti-bacterial treatment
• A strong resistance to frictions hence to wear and tear
• A longer life, the saddle cloth keeps its shape and colour over time

2. Its design

Tacante saddle cloth helps the saddle to sit in the right position, behind the withers:
• Tacante has invented a new patented girth slot system which unites the saddle cloth with the saddle
• The dressage model is shaped and bound along the spine while providing full clearance over the withers
• The general purpose model facilitates high withers relief to eliminate irritating rubbing and frictions.

3. Its ease of care

The Tacante saddle cloth is flexible, light, resistant and:
• easy to wash: machine-washable at 30°C
• dries quickly: tumble dryer forbidden
• retains less hair: easy to clean daily

The future?

Tacante is engaged in a research and development process to launch more innovative products. Since the beginning of our adventure we have been accompanied in this approach by a team of specialists to benefit from the best competences in every domain: textile engineering, manufacturing, designing, environmental responsibility, etc.

Our community might be nascent but it is passionate, and you are part of it! We will always value your feedback and comments to serve you better with new developments!

Understanding your needs is also part of Tacante’s innovative approach! Talk to us

Patented Girth slot

Tacante innovation: an ergonomic girth slot designed for an optimal fit of the saddle on the horse’s back and a good adherence of the saddle cloth reducing slippage while riding. 

The saddle cloth needs to be placed so the girth straps find their natural position in the girth slot.

As an integral part of the saddle cloth the Tacante girth slot is more resistant than classic girth loops as it is fixed in the seam of the saddle cloth.

And finally there is no additional layer on the girth slot which is a sensitive area due to constant frictions contrary to the classic girth loops. The Tacante innovative girth slot therefore limits the risks of the horse’s skin to become irritated and reduces the rubbing of the rider’s boot or chaps.

Designed for the horse’s comfort, Tacante has registered the patent for its girth slot..

Girthing is facilitated by Tacante girth slot

Tacante girth slot guarantees an optimal fit of the saddle on the horse’s back

Tacante girth slot maintains the saddle in place with no additional layer


Technical textiles

Tacante_Spacer 3D

3D Spacer.

To replace traditional foam inside our saddle cloths we use this sustainable 3D spacer material which can be recycled. As well as offering compression resistance and pressure redistribution its key benefits can be found in high air permeability reducing heat build-up and allowing constant air circulation.




In direct contact with the horse’s skin our fabric wicks away moisture more quickly than other materials thanks to its unique blend of fibers.
Due to their wider surface multi-channeled fibers provide an exceptional moisture management; whereas the hollow-core fibers improve air circulation and stimulate the wicking process.
This unique hybrid fiber has been designed to provide a maximum evaporation surface.
It guarantees an optimal transfer of moisture from your horse’s back towards the outside of the saddle cloth.


Anti-bacterial: the polygiene® treatment


For additional comfort and hygiene Tacante has chosen the Polygiene® treatment for the various parts of its saddle cloth.

Polygiene® prevents the proliferation of microorganism responsible for bad odor and skin irritations. This treatment is harmless for the horse, the rider or the environment

Polygiene ® uses low concentrations of silver salt extracted from recycled silver. The permanent treatment is applied at the finishing stages of the textile manufacturing.



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