Tacante’s Origins

At week-ends my alarm wakes me up earlier than on other days..
Late in the evening or early in the morning I leave
For an equestrian centre, a stable or a horse show
Always I meet up with a friend.
I leave clean-looking and come back covered in dirt,
Summer and winters alike I walk in dust.
I brush, I currycomb, I saddle and I bridle,
I learn, I listen, I practise, I feel,
I write in silence….. my equestrian story.
I have been a rider for over twenty years
And I will carry on for much longer, I hope.

Tacante was born of my eagerness to share this story and write the next chapter with you!
Tacante, Connecting Horses to Humans

the team



Our values are intimately related to the equestrian world

…the other

…together, new horizons

…a new outlook on life

…the pleasure of riding

…the well-being of the mount

… nature

…the other in order to weave links

…our partners and our suppliers for their environmental commitment


As horse riders we are surrounded by nature, our direct environment. We are therefore committed to protect and preserve it. At Tacante, social and environmental responsibilities are at the forefront to offer sustainable products to sensible riders.


The AIR agency guides us in our sustainable approach with their key values: HAVE FUN, DO GOOD, BE CREATIVE


Tacante is a member of the Hippolia hub, the national network for innovative players in the equine sector

Tacante belongs to the Paris Pionnières network, a feminine incubator.

BPI France with its “Paris Innovation Amorçage”  together with Paris municipality, brings us its financial support.


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