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    eco-designed and developed to optimise the horse's comfort and simplify riders' lives.
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    Pleasure by nature
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Your expert in technical and sustainable horse-riding equipment

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    Technical and innovative
    Design highly performing products
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    Environmentally responsible
    Innovate with a sustainable approach

Sustainable products for responsible riders Our commitment

Our motto: Designing innovative sustainable products! Our products are made in France using French or European textiles with a limited environmental impact and of no health risk for the rider or the horse.

A strong commitment we would like to share with you.

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A broad range to customise your badge

You would like to customise your saddle-pad with a bagde of your own choice?

Tacante tutorials Our tips

How to take care of your Tacante saddle pad ?
Shake, brush, remove stains…. Tacante gives you its recipes for a spotless saddle pad! Designed as an eco-friendly product, Tacante easy-care saddle cloth is meant to last. Thanks to the flexibility of the fabrics it is possible to load several saddle clothes at the same time in your washing machine.
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