Customise your Tacante product!

Want to give your sponsors, your stables, or your team visibility through branding opportunities? Or add your personal touch to your saddle pad? Look no further! All your Tacante equipment can be personalised!


Show your colours off with pride! Your Tacante equipment can now sport the colours and logos of your sponsors, stables, or team! We guarantee high quality embroidery from our Parisian workshop.

We handle each request individually. Contact us to discuss your project.

Tacante%20-%20Tapis%20de%20selle%20mixte  Tacante Tapis de selle EXCEL_ANSE blanc

Tacante%20Tapis%20de%20selle%20bleu%20ma  Tapis%20de%20selle%20TACANTE%20broderies


Tacante%20tapis%20de%20selle%20Excel-Ans  Tacante%20Tapis%20de%20selle%20EXCEL_ANS

Our saddle pads are sold with a leather badge by default. You can now custom design your saddle pad badge in a wide range of colours to suit your unique personality or brand colours.
Pick the badge you want from our wide range of options. And, if you don’t find one that suits you, design your own and let us know!

All the badges marked with an asterisk * have been given temporary names. They will be given the horse/pony’s name of the first customer.


Tacante%20tapis%20de%20selle%20EXCEL-ANS Tacante%20tapis%20de%20selle%20EXCEL-ANS
Black & Milford (Orange) - Dark khaki & Bout'chou (black) 

Tacante%20tapis%20de%20selle%20EXCEL-ANS  Tacante%20tapis%20de%20selle%20EXCEL-ANS
Royal blue & Qure (Pink) - Navy blue & Valma (silver) 

Tacante%20Tapis%20de%20selle%20mixte%20n  Tacante%20Tapis%20de%20selle%20mixte%20n           Black & Qure (Pink) - Black & France

Tacante%20tapis%20de%20selle%20EXCEL-ANS  TACANTE%20Tapis%20de%20selle%20mixte%20j          Navy blue & France - Golden Yellow & Bout'chou (black)

Tacante%20Tapis%20de%20selle%20mixte%20b  Tacante%20tapis%20de%20selle%20EXCEL-ANS
White & Swiss - Black & Valma (silver)

Tacante tapis de selle EXCEL-ANSE rouge  Tacante Tapis de selle mixte Imagine ecu
Red & France - IMAGINE saddle pad 

Do not hesitate to ask for a quotation here. Delays is around 10 days for a customized order. 

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