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Our resellers

Tacante is fortunate to work with professionals who share our values.
Our resellers


TACANTE is fortunate to work with professionals who share our appetite for innovation and our commitment to protect the environment. You will therefore find our products at:


This is our first British retailer. An online tack shop also selling on showjumping events, dedicated to showjumping equipment.


TACANTE Revendeurs sellerie en cadence à Montfort L'amaury

A neighbourhood high-end tack shop based in Montfort L’Amaury, En Cadence selects brands for their values and ethics, and products for their origins and their fundamental purposes. Marion will make you feel very much at home. You can trust her!


A tack shop based in Dijon where you will find nice brands. Equine physio Eva Locatelli offers a selection of high-end equipment, most of them innovative products made in France, as well as a range of French and natural health and well-being products for horses.


A tack shop located in Baudricourt in the Vosges department in Eastern France where you will find a broad range of quality equestrian brands.


Online platform selling environmentally responsible products to practice your favourite activity while protecting at the same time our playing field: nature. They are based in Annecy, like our R&D partners.


This is the first online shop dedicated to selling sports articles ranked according to their environmental impact thanks to a transparent tool, the blisscore. Go and have a look at Tacante’s scores.

Dream Act

An e-shop dedicated to responsible consumption where you can find, sustainable and fair, ecofriendly alternatives to consumer goods. We are delighted to be present in the sports section of this responsible shop.

If you like Tacante products and values, and if you are interested in distributing our products, do get in touch with us!

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