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How to clean your Tacante INFI-KNIT bandage pads

Tacante tells you everything you need to know to keep your bandage pads in perfect condition even after several uses!
How to clean your Tacante INFI-KNIT bandage pads

Whether you use bandage pads to exercise, at the stables, or during transport they end up getting dirty. So Tacante is happy to share tips on how to clean your INFI-KNIT under bandages! Watch our short video to find out how to clean your INFI-KNIT leg wraps properly so you can keep them for a long time!


  1. Assess the state of your Tacante leg wraps after they have accumulated sand, straw, dust and horses’ hair after several uses.
  2. Prepare your cleaning equipment: a latex glove, a rubber brush with soft bristles, and washing powder with an eco-label if possible.
  3. Shake the Tacante bandage pads to remove horses’ hair, dust, sand and straw.
  4. Remove with the latex glove all the horses’ hair, small grains of sand and straw. Then, with the rubber brush finish removing the sand. To avoid damaging your horse’s under bandages, do not use a stiff-brush.
  5. Shake again the Tacante bandage pads to get rid of the last grains of sand, horses’ hair and dust.
  6. Wash the INFI-KNIT under bandages with washing powder in the washing machine on a 30°C synthetic programme and a spin speed of up to 1400rpm.
  7. And finally, leave the Tacante leg wraps to dry in the open air, they are as good as new!


INFI-KNIT under bandages are ideal to exercise or transport your horse, or to wear at the stables. They are the first 3D-knitted bandage pads: they keep their shape and remain comfortable for the horse thanks to their unique structure, and they do not absorb the care products applied to the limbs allowing optimal diffusion. Made entirely of polypropylene, they are heat neutral thus preventing overheating during work.

Tacante leg wraps are machine washable on a 30°C synthetic programme with a spin speed of up to 1400rpm. We recommend using a soft non-toxic and biodegradable fabric detergent, certified with a European eco-label preferably, and no fabric softener. The INFI-KNIT horses’ under bandages dry in the open air. Do not tumble-dry Tacante bandage pads as you will burn the fibres!

Tacante INFI-KNIT bandage pads are made in France. To buy a pair of INFI-KNIT under bandages, click here and to find other Tacante products, click here!

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