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How to clean your Tacante INFI-KNIT ear net

Cleaning tips by Tacante to keep your horse’s INFI-KNIT ear-net as clean as a new pin!
How to clean your Tacante INFI-KNIT ear net

You are about to leave for a competition and the INFI-KNIT ear net matching your lucky Tacante saddle pad needs a wash! Don’t panic. This fly net for horses or ponies is very easy to maintain. Tacante has prepared a video to show you how to clean INFI-KNIT ear nets

Here are the steps to properly clean your INFI-KNIT ear net

  1. Assess the state of your horse’s ear net covered in dust and horses’ hair. It is time for a wash!
  2. Prepare your cleaning equipment: latex gloves, a laundry net, and washing powder with an eco-label if possible.
  3. Remove with the latex gloves all the horse’s hair stuck in the ear net .
  4. And shake the fly net to get rid of the remaining hair and dust.
  5. Wash the ear net in the laundry bag on a 30°C programme.
  6. And leave the INFI-KNIT ear net to dry in the open air. It is clean, as good as new.

Start by getting rid of all the dust and horse’s hair covering your INFI-KNIT ear net. Then wash the Tacante fly veil in the washing machine on a 30°C programme with a spinning speed up to 1,400 rpm. If possible, use a gentle washing powder certified by an eco-label. Or even better, with a washing powder you can make yourself with environmentally friendly products.

All Tacante INFI-KNIT ear nets retain their colours – even dark coloured-fly nets – so no risk of an accident in your washing machine. You can wash them with other textiles and colours. Their colours don’t run.

Finally, thanks to the NEWLIFE™ thread they are made of, INFI-KNIT ear nets dry fast. Leave them to dry in the open air. It is actually forbidden to dry them in a tumble dryer!

Made in France TACANTE INFI-KNIT ear nets suit all types of ears, large and small as they exist in 3 sizes S, M and L. To indulge in an INFI-KNIT ear net click here, and to get a matching Tacante saddle-pad click here.

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