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How to clean your Tacante EXCEL-ANSE saddle pad

Tips by Tacante to keep your saddle pad clean and bright
How to clean your Tacante EXCEL-ANSE saddle pad

Tacante tells you everything you need to know to clean and keep your saddle pad immaculate! Your white competition saddle pad will stay as white as on the first day and the other colours of saddle pads will not fade. Have a look at our short video on how to clean your EXCEL-ANSE saddle pad and say goodbye to stains!

Here are the steps to properly clean your EXCEL-ANSE saddle pad

  1. Assess your Tacante saddle pad after several uses. It is time to clean it in order to optimise its breathability and the comfort of your horse.
  2. Prepare your cleaning equipment: latex gloves, a rubber brush with soft bristles, a household soap (Savon de Marseille), and washing powder with an eco-label if possible.
  3. Remove with the latex gloves and then with the rubber brush all the horse’s hair stuck in the saddle pad. To avoid damaging your Tacante saddle pad, don’t use a stiff-brush.
  4. Shake the saddle pad to remove the remaining horse’s hair and dust.
  5. Scrub the stains with a damp household soap (Savon de Marseille). For greasy stains don’t wet the fabric as the stains will become embedded.
  6. Wash the saddle pad with washing powder in the washing machine on a 30°C synthetics programme and a spin speed of up to 1400rpm. You can even mix colours!
  7. And leave the EXCEL-ANSE saddle pad to dry in the open air. It will be as clean as a new pin!

Tacante EXCEL-ANSE saddle pad is eco-friendly

It was designed to be easy to maintain and to last long. And this is how:

Firstly, the Coolmax textile which is not abrasive retains very limited amount of horsehair so you can space out the washes. And thanks to the flexibility of the fabrics it is possible to load several saddle clothes at the same time in your washing machine.

Secondly, Tacante saddle pad is machine-washable on a 30°C synthetics programme with a spin speed of up to 1400rpm. We recommend using a soft non-toxic and biodegradable fabric detergent, certified with a European eco-label preferably, and no fabric softener.

Lastly, as it is breathable the saddle pad dries quickly in the open air. Do not tumble-dry your Tacante saddle pad as you will burn the fibres.

The EXCEL-ANSE Tacante saddle pads are made in France. The mixed and dressage cuts make them suitable for dressage as well as for jumping or cross-country riding. Click here to buy an EXCEL-ANSE saddle pad, and here to match it with your INFI-KNIT ear-net!

Pictures: Salomé Leclerc – Marie Caroline Photographe – Xelashooting

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