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Quartz of Jazz JO/JEM

As he was about to leave for the European Dressage Championships 2017 in Gothenburg, Quartz welcomed Tacante in his stables.
Quartz of Jazz JO/JEM

©Eurodressage ©Elsa Meier ©PSV Photo

My name is Quartz of Jazz. I am a 13 year-old bay Selle Français gelding by Lawrence and Honey Jazz SF. I was born on 12 May 2004 in Raizeux in the Yvelines. My owner is Jean Bretenoux and I shine under the saddle of Marie-Émilie Bretenoux. Not only have we been selected for the 2017 European dressage Championships in Gothenburg, but we were also preselected for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games! It was a dream which unfortunately didn’t come true! Never mind… Our next goals are the Dressage World Championships in Bercy and… the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games! Who knows, I still have a few promising years ahead of me!

As he was about to leave for the European Dressage Championships 2017 in Gothenburg, Quartz granted us a few moments of his precious time to take part in Tacante Equine Encounters!

Where does your name come from?

I was named Quartz of Jazz because my breeder Luc Tavernier loves jazz music!

Where do you live? Can you describe your stables?

I live at the Écurie de la Champagne in Trainou, 20km from Orleans. The facilities are fantastic: we are close to the gorgeous Orleans forest which we can access directly without crossing any road, there is a sand paddock, as well as pastures, a 60x20m indoor arena and a big outdoor arena for dressage or jumping. We also travel quite a bit especially to Germany to improve our technique working alongside talented dressage horses.

How do you get on with your stable mates?

In the stables I have a neighbour indeed but I mostly enjoy looking out my box window to watch the other horses working in the arena or my mates play in the paddock. I also like to sunbathe.

What are your best attributes?

Marie-Emilie says that I am a nice, talented and generous horse who always strives to give his best. No no no, she is not biased! And I had better as in dressage competition is tough!

What is your worst flaw? What is the worst mischief you got into?

Well, if my groom is not giving me his full attention I nip him! That will teach him! And I have developped a new trick recently, I escape from my box to go grazing!

What is your guilty pleasure? Do you sometimes act like a diva?

I love eating carrots and being scratched all over for ever but they would not be called whims, would they?!

What is your favourite colour?

I like black as it matches my hair and white for competitions obviously. I must admit that I also have a soft spot for orange like Marie Emilie’s winter jacket!

Which dream would you like to come true in your life?

Graze all day which is the only reason why I escape from my box!

What’s your favourite activity?

Hmm… graze! Actually do you know if the grass in Sweden tastes as good as here?

What makes you feel the happiest?

Being scratched and graze at the same time! Pure bliss!

What do you dislike most?

Getting brushed with a hard brush! I am a very sensitive horse so I can only stand soft brushes!

What has been your best memory?

Hickstead and Wiesbaden: two amazing competitions, well executed tests and good scores. At Hickstead CDIO3* in July we came 7th in the Grand Prix with 70.200% and 4th in the Freestyle with 72.650%. Marie-Emilie was really proud! And so was I! We also have good memories of the Championships in Gothenburg. We were the third couple and the first in the French team to enter the arena at the Ullevi Stadium which was not easy. We were in a very positive mood. I was in my element and for once I wasn’t even afraid of the cameras! I have to admit that Marie-Emilie managed to reassure me. Unfortunately we made too many little mistakes. We left the arena on a score of 67.714% which is encouraging for our next competitions. Anyway we are very pleased and proud of our training for this competition at Norbert van Laak’s and Marina Caplain Saint André’s. We can now add these Championships to our list of dreams that came true and I know I have scope to improve to hit the 70% goal or more!

Which frame of mind are you in at the moment?


Do you have a life motto you would like to share with us? “If no-one laughs at your dreams aim for higher dreams!”

How can we keep up to date with your news?

On Marie-Émilie’s Facebook page unless you want to invite me in an exotic destination…

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